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The Lodge Rooms on the corner of Anderson and Moorhouse Streets, Morrinsville, is the home for Freemasons in the Morrinsville area and hosts Lodge Piako No 160, Piako Royal Arch Chapter No 48, and Piako Secret Monitor Conclave No 43.

Lodge Piako meets on the first Wednesday of each month except January. The Installation is in April.

Piako RA Chapter meets on the third Monday of February, April, June, August, September, October and the second Monday in November. The Installation is in October.

I no longer prepare the summonses for Lodge Piako and Piako Royal Arch Chapter but by clicking on the links below you and selecting a month and a year from the drop-down list you may read the details of that summons and the educational material I included in it.

Click HERE to view the Lodge Piako No 160 Summons (for past years and months)
Click HERE to view the Piako Royal Arch Chapter No 48 Summons (past years and months)


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